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Portable RF Signal Detector Giano was designed to be portable, compact, and easily usable thanks to its touch screen monitor.
• The instrument is equipped with a built-it antenna which is a reinforced mechanical covering, and which makes Giano immediately ready to use.
• The average time to train an operator is about 3 hours as the use of the icons and the touch screen make it very easy to use.
• The cost and the ease of use make Giano an excellent solution for the on-the-job training of low-cost and immediately usable teams.
• The life of the battery lasts about 1.5 hour, but a second hot-swap battery allows to have an almost illimited battery life; if there is a power source, the life of the battery is continuous.
• The power connector is standard 19Volt DC with central positive (to have a 19Volt DC power supply regulated with at least 4 Ah should be enough).
• The antenna connector is standard equipment with the SMMA power supply (for the antennas that need it), so if you have your favourite standard antenna, feel free to use it.
• The Gain adjustment might be useful to regulate the loss of any cable (remember that any frequency corresponds to a specific length of the connection cable to avoid signal losses). Giano is supported by the antenna which allows it to be placed on any flat surface.
It is possible to adjust the monitor at eye level.
A shoulder trap is included to offer a greater comfort.








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